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Confix: A Build Tool on Top of Automake  v.2.3.8

Confix is a build tool for source code packages, on top of GNU Automake. It inspects the package's source code, tracks inter package dependencies, propagates checks across package boundaries, and finally writes Automake input files for the

WANT - A Pascal-Friendly Build Tool  v.0.3.3

WANT automates the process of building, testing, and packaging applications and libraries much like Jakarta Ant does. WANT is a Pascal-friendly build tool. Use (sdforum.want) for issue tracking, suggestions, and general

NUBuild - An advance .Net build tool  v.1.0

NUBuild is a command line .Net build tool that has been designed and developed keeping an individual developer in mind and also ease the continuouse build and integration process and has the ability to target all .Net framework versions.

Pake, software build tool in Python  v.1.0

Software build tool. It is similar to Make and Rake. The tool is written in the Python programming language and the Pakefiles (equivalent of Makefiles in make or Rakefiles in Rake) use Python syntax.

BitBake build tool  v.1.12.0

BitBake is a simple tool for the execution of tasks. It is derived from Portage, which is the package management system used by the Gentoo Linux distribution. It is most commonly used to build packages, and is used as the basis of the OpenEmbedded

FPGA Build Tool  v.1.0

Automatic build management for VHDL and Verilog projects. The automatic dependency resolver finds the exact subset of sources, and the correct order they must appear in required to build a project. A Makefile automates the actual build itself.

Nucular Build Tool  v.1.0

A fast, reliable parallel build system. Linux/Unix/Mac OS X compatible.

Prime Mover  v. Beta

Prime Mover was specially designed as a build tool, that is very similar to make. It is developed to be small, portable, flexible, powerful, and is very easy to deploy. It can be distributed along with your application source code and does not

Build - The hierarchical source builder  v.0.8.0rc4

build is a cross-platform build tool designed to facilitate easy and efficient compilation and testing of large software

SCons - a Software Construction tool  v.2.1.0

SCons is a software construction tool (build tool, substitute for Make) implemented in Python, based on the winning design in the Software Carpentry build tool competition (in turn based on the Cons build

Software Build System  v.4.1.1

Krypton is a software build tool that applies an artifact-oriented paradigm to the build whereby the focus is on what is built rather than how it is built. Krypton's standard library provides support for building both Java and .NET

GNU Build Packages for SCons  v.2.1

A package of scripts that allow you to use the SCons build tool to build software that usually uses the GNU Autotools.

Terries MaKe Tool  v.1.0

Terries MaKe Tool aims to be simple, portable, language/compiler independent, easily build modules in parallel, and to be less painful about handling dependencies then any other build tool. It's made to succeed where other tools have failed epically.

NAnt Wizard  v.1.0

NAnt Wizard is a compact and lightweight application that facilitates your work with NAnt, an extremely popular open-source .NET build tool. You won't have to build your projects using the command line anymore.

NAnt  v.0.91

NAnt was specially designed to be an accessible and Open-Source .NET build tool. This application resembles Ant. NAnt is different. Instead of a model where it is extended with shell-based commands, NAnt is extended using task classes. Instead of

Forge for SwordSearcher  v.1.0.2

Forge is a free external module build tool for SwordSearcher Bible Software. It is designed for users and publishers who need to be able to import a large amount of text into a SwordSearcher module without using SwordSearcher's internal user editor.

Apache Ant for Windows  v.1.7.1

Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Makes wrinkles. Why another build tool when there is already make, gnumake, nmake, jam, and others? Because all those tools have limitations that Ants original

Cube Construct  v.1.0.0

Cube Construct is a new website build tool for which you do not need to learn any HTML knowledge, web design, graphic design or programming in order to have your own professional website setup in a few minutes. All you need to do is select your

Maverick ANT  v.1.0

Apache Ant is a popular tool created in Java that uses external tasks or tools to provide a much greater degree of control over the software build and deployment process. This highly extensible build tool provides many advantages over existing

RudeBuild  v.1.1

RudeBuild is a non-intrusive bulk / unity C++ build tool that seamlessly integrates into Visual Studio 2010 and 2008. With the help of this component you can speed up your build times of large C++ projects by at least a factor of 5. RudeBuild comes

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